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We will be offering the 2015 San Miguel Basin Master Gardener Course in Norwood at the US Forest Service Office Meeting Room.  The Master Gardener Certification and volunteer program is a well known and nationally respected comprehensive gardening course and volunteer program.  Our local course is tailored to mountain and high desert gardening.

There is an application and interview process.  The deadline is JANUARY 7TH, 2015, but we encourage early application.  Check here for the Master Gardener Page for the Application, cover letter, brochure and schedule.

Topics covered in the course are diagnostics, basic botany, mountain gardening, season extension, vegetables, small fruits, herbaceous plants, lawn care, fruit tree pruning, insect identification, and pest and weed management.

The 11-week program will be starting in January 29th and run through April 9th. If you are interested, contact
Mary Watson at

Or call our office at


3rd Annual
Western Colorado
Food and Farm
J a n u a r y 9 & 1 0 , 2 0 1 5
M o n t r o s e P a v i l i o n
Unlocking the Secrets
of Raising Great Food

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