Small Acreage Programs

Colorado Forage Guide

Produced to help small acreage landowners become familiar with livestock forage and grazing management. Information is provided on how grasses differ, what legumes are and how they can fit into pastures, and what to consider if you need to revegetate your pasture, including how to design your own seed mix. The section on grazing management will help you know what to look for and expect before, during, and after your pastures are grazed. Because grazing is an ongoing learning process, this information will complement your own experiences and the advice of others, such as Colorado State University Extension (CSU Extension), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and neighbors. Click on link:

Small Acreage Management
Whether new to farming or an old pro, understanding your land and resources is crucial.We have many areas of interest for you to explore.

Pasture/Range Management Resources
Proper grazing techniques can produce greener and more forageable pastures or rangeland. This simple technique involves allowing grass time to regrow between grazing intervals, and avoiding overgrazing. Pasture management will reduce weeds by maintaining healthy vegetation. The roots of the desired forbs, grasses and shrubs will out-compete weeds.

Sustainable Manure Management Practices

  • Dispose of manure, bedding, and feed wastes by composting, spreading on crops, or hauling it to a composting or disposal facility.

  • Store manure at least 200 feet from water sources including wells and streams.

  • Eliminate animal access to streams, ditches, ponds, and wetlands.

  • Locate corrals and pens downslope of streams and wells.


Horse Manure Management

  • An average 1,000-pound horse produces 9 tons of manure a year containing valuable fertilizer elements.

  • Horse owners have a responsibility to manage the manure that is a byproduct of their industry.

  • Manure is commonly stockpiled prior to use. Adequate storage area allows for greater flexibility in timing of manure use.

  • Recordkeeping is an essential factor in land application of manure/compost.

  • The total fertilizer value of the manure produced by Colorado‚Äôs horses is estimated to be $10 million per year.