Gardening and Horticulture: Western Colorado

The Tri River Area is comprised of four counties (Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray) and three major rivers (Uncompahgre, Gunnison, and Colorado). There are approximately 160,000 irrigated acres in the TRA. The majority of the population reside in the Uncompahgre and Grand Valleys which contain the three main cities of Grand Junction, Delta, and Montrose.

**The Mission of the Horticulture Section-Tri River Area Extension

The Colorado State University Extension Tri River Area Horticulture Program extends research-based information about plant-related concerns to home gradeners, the Green Industry (nurseries, sod farms, lawn care companies, arborists, etc.), commercial vegetable producers, government entities, and ohter community members and agencies in Mesa, Delta, Montrose, San Miguel and Gunnison Counties. Information is also provided on a state, interstate, and international level because of our efforts.

Major Program Areas and Educational Activities include but not limited to:


  • Insect and plant disease diagnosis
  • Master Gardener program
  • Workshops for 'Green Industry Professionals' and backyard gardeners
  • Expertise regarding sod farms, pesticide application, commercial nursery production, greenhouse crop production and vegetable crops.
  • Soil and water testing for soluble salts and related soils information.

The Western Region Colorado Extension provides additional links to programs and information including:

  • 4-H Youth
  • Agriculture/Natural Resources
  • Family and Consumer Education
  • Gardening & Horticulture


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Plant Diagnostics
Plant Problems? Bring us a fresh sample! If you have any gardening questions, just give us a call for more details at your local office. In Delta, 874-2195; in Montrose at 249-3935 or in Grand Jct at 244-1836. Open Monday-Friday
8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Bees Swarming?
Don't hurt the bees, just call our offices and we'll give you names of Beekeepers who can safely remove the bees!

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