PowerPoint Presentations

Overview of Tamarisk Problem & Issues
Pat Shafroth - Plant Ecologist, US Geological Service

Economic Study
Joe Lewis - Economist, US Forest Service

Bio-control Update
Dan Bean - Entomologist, Palisade Insectary

Overall Bio-control program: The permitting process and research below the 37th parallel
Ray Carruthers & Jack DeLoach - ARS Entomologists
Ramon Jaschenko, ARS Affiliate, Kazakstan

Bio-control in Colorado
Andrew Norton - Entomologist, Colorado State University &
Eric Lane - State Weed Manager, Colorado Department of Agriculture

Forgotten River, Big Bend National Park
Ty Fain - President, Rio Grande Institute

Bridging the Gaps on Large Scale Projects
Charmaine Delmatier - Sr. Ecologist, H.T. Harvey & Assoc.

NM Middle Rio Grande Restoration Efforts
Sterling Grogran - Biologist, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

Cooperative Tribal/NWF Lower Colorado River Restoration
Garit Voggesser - National Wildlife Federation
Tracy Register - Cocopah Indian Tribe Environmental Protection Office

Lower Colorado Multi-species Conservation Program
Theresa Olson - Sr. Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Tamarisk Biomass Utilization
Lynda Taylor - ZERI sustainable Communities

Revegetation, NM Middle Rio Grande, Upper Green River
David Merritt - Riparian Plant Ecologist, USFS

Grand Canyon Vegetation Recovery Program
Lori Makarick - Vegetation Program Manager, NPS Grand Canyon

Comprehensive Mapping Program
Tom Stohlgren - US Geological Survey

Legislation & other Interesting Funding Opportunities
Tim Carlson - Tamarisk Coalition

Colorado Strategic Plan
Shane Henry - Assistant Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Watershed Approach to Accomplishing Federal and Local Objectives
Jim Brodrick - Director, SE Colorado Water Conservancy District

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