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2015 Food Safety Training for Colorado Cottage Food Producers

Meets the requirement for food safety training according to the Colorado Cottage Food Act. Learn to safely produce food from home for a cottage food business. For more information and dates see our flyer (here)


2015 ServSafe Certification Course
ServSafe is a nationally recognized course developed by the National Restaurant Association as a comprehensive treatment of the subject of food safety. In Grand Junction, the classes are held at the Business Incubator Center. In Delta, the classes are at the Delta Montrose Technical College. For upcoming dates and to register, please call 970-244-1834.

Have you procrastinated on reading the proposed ProduceSafety Rule?  The November 15th deadline is rapidly approaching but it’s not too late. You can get up to speed in time to submit your comments. FDA’s FSMA Proposed Rule for Produce Safety page is a one-stop shop for all fact sheets related to the subparts of the rule:

FSMA Facts, a produce farmer’s toolkit, has links to specific factsheets and videos for growers and addresses key issues of the Produce Safety Rule:

Attention. Being “exempt” or growing produce that is “not covered” in the regulation does not automatically result in exemption from the marketplace or buyer requirements. Farmers’ market managers or others, for example, could require GAPs, third party audits, and/or adherence to the regulation for vendors or suppliers. Visit the Produce Safety Alliance website to find GAPs educators in your state who can help you implement food safety practices to meet GAP requirements ( Click here for more information.

Food Safety Moderization Act

Did You Know....

We Can Test Your Dial Gauge Lids!
Just bring in your dial guage pressure canner lids to one of our Tri River Area county offices, simply call your local Extension office:
Delta 874-2195; Mesa 244-1834; and Montrose & Ouray Counties 249-3935 for more information. Cost is $10 per lid. Gauge accuracy will be tested and recommendations made regarding proper canning times and procedures. Research based information will also be available.

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