Fremont County Extension

Club Officer Training

Date: January 21, 2017
Place: Colorado State Fairgrounds & Big Daddy’s Sunset Bowl - Pueblo
Cost: $10 per youth includes supplies, lunch & an activity (Fremont County 4-H Council will pay
the fee). Parents & Leaders - transportation will be needed. Carpooling is encouraged. No
charge for adults to attend the workshop though. Enroll by calling or emailing the Extension
Office. We need to know which officer’s session you want to attend. (President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter)  


We’d Like You to Join 4-H Foundation

4-H Foundation has been around since 1962, supporting the Fremont County 4-H program.  Membership is open to individuals, families, businesses and 4-H clubs.  The cost is minimal and they do so much!
$35 yearly for Green Clover Membership
$75 yearly for Gold Clover Membership
$750 one time for a Lifetime Membership
Why not consider joining today?  You can make a difference!

Contact the Extension Office for more information.



Important Dates for Your Livestock Project
Market Beef Weigh-In                       Sat. January 28              Must be enrolled by Jan. 26Market Swine ID Forms turned in Thurs. May 11      Must be enrolled by Mar. 1
Market Sheep & Goat

Weigh-in Sat. May13. Must be enrolled by Mar. 1


New Antibiotic Rules for Animals
Beginning January 1, 2017

As of January 1, 2017 livestock producers and exhibitors will face major changes regarding access to feed and water medications for use in all animals raised for food.  That’s when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will implement new rules, known as Guidance 209, for antibiotic use in all animals raised for food.  Over-the-counter sales of medically important antibiotics will end, including medicated feed and premixes, as well as water-based medications.  Access to antibiotics in feed will require a written veterinary feed directive (VFD) and water medications will only be available with a prescription from your veterinary. 

Please use the website,

contact your veterinarian, or local feed provider for more information.


We’re Looking for New Leaders

Have you ever considered becoming a 4-H leader?  Do you know someone who might be interested?  This is the time of year when we start looking for new leaders.  We have some who are retiring, some who are moving on to other adventures, and new kids who need new leaders.  Come talk to either Tommy or Verla about getting started.  You can start your own club, or be a project leader within another club or a county leader. Perhaps you just have talents we don’t know about!  Don’t wait for a personal invitation—step forward now!  We’ll help and you will reap the benefits!  It’s a wonderful world of giving back to your community!

We have a particular need this year

for a Robotics leader.  Can you help with Woodworking, Cooking or Welding?  We will also need Shooting Sports leaders.




It’s Time to Re-enroll in 4-H

There are two ways to enroll this year.    Pick up a form, complete and pay in the Extension Office.  Or, you can enroll through 4HOnline. If you

have questions, please call the

Extension office at 276-7390.


Thank You, Soup Makers & Ticket Sellers!
Thanks to everyone who supported our 4-H Craft Sale. Once
again, it was a great success! Lots of work, but worth it in the
long run! Thanks to the people who sold soup tickets, worked
during the sale & came to buy things! Special thanks to the people
who donated their wonderful homemade soups: Tami Ratkovich,
Lorri Goebel, Joe & Cathy Solano, Marsha Bouchard, Nita Gowdy,
Dawn Loveless, Laura Taylor. (Apologies if we missed anyone.) Do
you know, this fundraiser raised nearly $4000 for our 4-H clubs
and Council? If you were there you saw the hard work it took to
accomplish it all. Thanks to everyone who helped make our Craft
Sale successful!