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2016 Livestock, Horse, and Dog Record Book Judging
We had 181 livestock, horse and dog record books turned in for judging.  The results were 87 blue ribbons, 48 red ribbons, and 10 white ribbons, 20 books complete not scored, and 16 books returned for corrections.  

The “Best Record Book” awards will be announced at the Achievement Program.  All record books can be picked up by each club’s MAIN LEADER beginning November 7 at the Extension Office.

This year we had 39 leaders and parents help with the judging on Saturday, August 20.  Thank you to the following people who helped judge: Barbwire-n-Roses – JJ Hawk and Anita Masar;  Beaver Park Ag –Amanda Ellis and Wiley Henley; By Chance –Mendy Grisenti and Patricia Schmidt; Clover Rovers – Wes Breedlove, Gina Grisenti, Laura Taylor and Donna Widick; Creative Kids – Bambi Lamborn and Pat Wiles; Four Mile – Marnie Chapman, Delores Comstock, Sarah Comstock, Kristin Knifong and Jody McKean;  Fremont Pioneers – Paul Atwood, Andrew Goad, Glenda Goad, Laurie Long, Linda Stone, Dusty Wort and Mike Wort; Go For Broke –  Samantha Grant and Nicki Hobby; Hoof-N-Hide – Barry Acton and Kathy Acton; Los Caballeros – Jacob Jones and Leo French; Penrose Horses and Hounds - Angie LaDeau and David LaDeau;  Rocky Mountain –Jolene DeVries, Heather Glover, and Tomalee Young; Tally Ho – Nita Gowdy; Wetmore Wizards – Stephanie Carter, Tami Ratkovich and Crissy Rohman.

We had 4 adults help with the Committee for Best Record Books on Tuesday, August 23.  Thank you to: Four Mile – Delores Comstock; Los Caballeros – Russ Adamic and JoAnne Ary; Wetmore Wizards – Tami Ratkovich.



We’d Like You to Join 4-H Foundation

4-H Foundation has been around since 1962, supporting the Fremont County 4-H program.  Membership is open to individuals, families, businesses and 4-H clubs.  The cost is minimal and they do so much!
$35 yearly for Green Clover Membership
$75 yearly for Gold Clover Membership
$750 one time for a Lifetime Membership
Why not consider joining today?  You can make a difference!

Contact the Extension Office for more information.





                                        Queen………..Alyssa Loveless

Princess…………Jadyn Adamic




Congratulations to all 4-H members who sent their projects to the Colorado State Fair or who are competing at the Fair in contests or livestock events.  You make us proud!
Want to know results from the Colorado State Fair?  You can find them here:

Shooting Sports Contests:


Exhibits and Other Contests:



Junior Livestock Show




4-H Open House
Date:  Monday, October 24
When:6:00 to 7:30 PM
Where:   4-H Building at the Rodeo Ground

Talk to Club Members and Leaders, find a club,

choose your project(s), and enroll at this time.  4-H members ages 8-18 and Cloverbud members ages 5-7 as of December 31, 2016.

For more information call