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4-H is a community of young people, across America, learning leadership, citizenship,
and life skills.

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***2016 SMB Fair Schedule

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Click Saturday, July 16, 4:30 pm
for Best Dressed Pet & Pet Rock

Click for Tuesday, July 19, 1-3 pm
Family Fun & Games

4-H GrowsSMB Fair
Weigh-In &
Ultra Sound & Show Dates


Swine Weigh-In & Ultra Sound
July 19th at 5pm

*Swine Show July 20th at 6:30*

Lamb & Goat Weigh In & Ultra Sound,
July 20th at 8:30 am

*Lamb & Goat Show July 22nd
at 4:30*

Beef Weigh-In & Ultra Sound
July 20th at 10 am

*Beef Show July 21st at 6:00*

Rabbit Check In
July 20th at 11 am

*Rabbit Show July 21st
Immediately Following the Beef Show*


4-H Council helps Kids
Gain Leadership Skills!

 The next 4-H Council Meeting will be Sunday afternoon, August 14th at 2 pm.  If you have any questions, Call Dawn Bruce at 327-4393.


NEW CSU Extension and SMB Fair Rules for both General and Livestock Projects

2016 SMB CSU Ext and SMB Fair Rules


SMB 4-H LIVESTOCK KIDS! 4-H is our Future!

NOTE: All kids must be enrolled on and fees paid for projects by by 4 pm, the Friday
before Livestock Weigh-Ins.

Livestock Weigh-In for Steers January 31st at 1 pm at Fairgrounds scales. Click here for weights and tag #.

Swine Weigh-in Date is: April 17th, 1pm
Click here for weights and tag #

Sheep/Goats Weigh-In is: May 15, 1pm
Click here for weights and tag #

Rabbit Weigh-In Date: July 1st, 7:00 pm

Click here for weights in ounces

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  • SMB 4-H Fees
    Cost for first project is $30
    Cost for 2nd project is $15
    Cost of first year Horse $35

    Cloverbud cost is $15

SMB 4-H Leaders


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