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This will be our 6th year exploring  the area around the confluence of the Dolores and San Miguel Rivers and there are always  surprises!  This section of the Dolores River Canyon, along the “River Road” is habitat for several unique species, including the rare Astragalus linifolius (Grand Junction Milkvetch) and the beautiful Colorado endemic Aquilegia micrantha (Mancos Columbine).  Last spring mother nature provided the perfect blooming conditions for Sclerocatus parviflorus.  What different species will we add to our plant list this year?

FYI- It is approximately a 1 hr drive from Norwood to Uravan, Colorado.
  Please register and make payment to reserve your spot before May 18th
TIME:  9AM til 4PM      COST: $25

NOTE! The class can be moderately strenuous, requiring walking up steep inclines, covering up to 1 mile in distance in varying weather conditions.

 To register call 970-327-4393 or E-mail

Mail payment to CSU Ext Fund
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Native Plant Master Program

Native Plant Master Program

Do you want to find out what's blooming and learn more about some of your favorite plants in Colorado with a handy new tool, the Colorado Plant Database.

Also the Colorado
Native Plant Master Program
is found at:

Call our San Miguel Basin CSU Extension Office in Norwood at 970-327-4393 for more information or Email Mary


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