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Apple Grafting and Pruning Workshop
How to grow, graft and prune apple trees
for our area

Thursday, February 25,6-9pm
        Nucla Fire Station &
Friday, February 26, 6-9pm
Placerville School House

Saturday, February 27, 9am—2pm
Local Orchards

Our instructor will be Jude Schuenemeyer
Co-founder of the Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP)
which works to preserve Montezuma Valley's fruit-growing heritage, and restore an orchard culture and economy to the region
Co-Owner of Let It Grow Nursery & Garden Market/Coffee Roasters & Garden Café, Cortez 

Cost is $60 (or $50 for grafting and $25 for Pruning) Grafting rootstock, knife to keep and other tools and materials are included!

To register and to save your spot at either location, send payment by check or money order and location along with contact info to:
CSUE, PO Box 130, Norwood, CO 81423
For more information, email Mary


San Miguel Basin Seedling Tree Program 

ALL Landowners are able to buy Seedling Trees from CSU Extension. The seedlings are sold in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service. 

We are currently taking orders for the seedling trees; the deadline for ordering is around mid-April 2016and the trees will be ready for local pick-up the first week of May. 

Bare root trees, small potted and regular potted trees are offered in lots of 25 or 30 at a nominal cost. Over 40 different species are available – both deciduous and conifers. Contact Mary Watson or Yvette Henson at CSU Extension at 970-327-4393 or email Mary at


The CSU Extension

Native Plant Master Program

Native Plant Master Program

Do you want to find out what's blooming and learn more about some of your favorite plants in Colorado with a handy new tool, the Colorado Plant Database.

Also the Colorado
Native Plant Master Program
is found at:

Call our San Miguel Basin CSU Extension Office in Norwood at 970-327-4393 for more information or Email Mary


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